NW Fresno gunshot victim may have been in marijuana deal gone bad

The Fresno BeeDecember 24, 2013 

A man who showed up at Saint Agnes Medical Center on Monday night with a gunshot wound to his leg is suspected of being involved in a marijuana deal gone bad in northwest Fresno, police Lt. Joe Gomez said.

A 32-year-old man was dropped off at the emergency room by a 22-year-old woman driving a black Nissan Sentra, Gomez said. The man told police he was selling a half pound of marijuana in a McDonald's parking lot in the 3200 block of West Shaw when he was shot during the drug deal with two men.

The victim said he was waiting with his partners, the 22-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy who is her brother, in the back of the Sentra when the suspects arrived in a white, four-door Sedan, Gomez said. One suspect got in the car with the victim while the other suspect approached the car from behind with a gun.

The armed suspect pointed the gun at the victim while the suspect already in the car took the marijuana. Gomez said the suspect with the gun then shot the victim through the passenger window before running back to the Sedan.

Police later found the brother and sister in an apartment parking lot in 5600 block of North Fresno Street cleaning blood on the back seat, Gomez said. They confirmed the victim's story.

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