A better look comes to Fresno City Hall

Posted by George Hostetter on December 23, 2013 

There will be a new look at City Hall when District 2 Representative Steve Brandau takes the gavel as Fresno City Council president on Jan. 9.

The council chamber will have new carpet.

The remodel job is underway. The old turquoise carpet is gone. Workers today are installing squares of new carpet. I saw them working. I’d tell you the color but I can’t figure it out. It’s a dark color, and looks great.

Frank Fichera, chief of facilities maintenance for the city, said the work began Friday and will finish on Tuesday.

Fichera said the cost is about $16,000 and comes from his facilities maintenance budget. He said he hopes to find the money to recover (and maybe rehab) the chamber’s 100 or so public seats.

Fichera said it’s the first carpet upgrade in the council chamber since City Hall opened in the early 1990s.

“We’re stepping up to modern,” Fichera said.


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