Valley dairies produce creamy eggnog for the holidays

The Fresno BeeDecember 22, 2013 

Holiday eggnogs are made locally by several dairies and are available throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley.


Whether you like it thick and creamy or light and flavorful, there is no shortage of locally made eggnog to sip this holiday season.

Three San Joaquin Valley dairies — Dairy Goddess in Lemoore, Rosa Brothers Milk Company in Tulare and Top O' The Morn Farms in Tulare — are churning out their own sweet-tasting bottles of eggnog.

Fresno State's student-run dairy is also making eggnog that is sold at the Gibson Farmers Market on campus. Major milk suppliers, like Producers Dairy in Fresno, also makes eggnog.

And for those who want non-dairy, Califa Farms produces an almond milk holiday nog at its plant in Bakersfield.

Eggnog is a favorite seasonal drink for those who enjoy a smooth and rich-tasting spice-filled glass of holiday goodness. It can be served straight or spiked with a little rum, brandy or whiskey.

"People even use our eggnog to make French toast," says Nicole Schott, sales and marketing representative for Rosa Brothers Milk Company.

Schott says Rosa Brothers eggnog has a good balance of creaminess and spices and is sold at several locations including, Save Mart, Vons, the Meat Market in Clovis and Peeve's Local Market on the Fulton Mall.

Top O' The Morn Farms is making two flavors of eggnog, pumpkin spice and traditional. Ron Locke, owner of Top O' The Morn Farms, says the pumpkin spice is like drinking pumpkin pie in a glass.

"You close your eyes and you would have thought we put pumpkin pie in a blender," Locke says. "People really like it and it's great in a pumpkin latte."

Locke says customers seem to like his eggnog because it has a lighter flavor than most.

"Some eggnog can really be overpowering, but ours tends to have broader appeal," he says.

Top O' The Morn eggnog can be bought at R-N Markets in Tulare, Visalia, Exeter and Parlier. In Fresno it is sold at Simonian Farms at Clovis and Jensen avenues and at the International Gourmet Marketplace and Deli, 8028 N. Cedar Ave.

Barbara Martin the Lemoore farmer who sells specialty cheese and milk under the Dairy Goddess label sold out of her eggnog last year. She prides herself on her all natural ingredients, including eggs, nutmeg and vanilla. And she likes to make it on the thinner side.

Dairy Goddess eggnog is sold at Peeve's Local Market and Kristina's Natural Ranch Market, 761 E. Barstow Ave., Fresno.

"It has a cleaner feel in your mouth and its not as thick as some eggnogs," Martin says. "We think it pairs very well in a drink or as a creamer for your coffee and even just on its own."

Martin likes to mix her chocolate milk with her eggnog for flavorful combination.

"It has so many good uses," Martin says. "And they all taste good."




Take a cocktail glass, fill it half full with ice, add one shot of Fireball Whiskey, and fill the rest of the glass with Top O' The Morn Farms Eggnog.


Take a cocktail glass, fill it half full with ice, add one shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and fill the rest of the glass with Top O' The Morn Farms Pumpkin Spice Eggnog.


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