David White's Three-Point Stance: It's only sad Candlestick was there in the first place

The Fresno BeeDecember 21, 2013 

Joe Montana and coach Bill Walsh made Candlestick Park the cool place to be during the San Francisco 49ers' run of greatness in the 1980s, but it had nothing to do with the stadium itself.


1. Candlestick Park is, and forever has been, an E. coli breeding farm that doubled as a pro sports stadium. There's a reason the baseball Giants moved to China Basin. It's the same reason the 49ers are taking it to the parking lot side of Great America. So, don't cry when The Stick hosts its final sporting event (49ers-Falcons) on Monday night. Weep because your favorite sporting memories happened there in the first place.

2. Now that the 2013 Las Vegas Bowl won't make the list, the 2004 MPC Computers Bowl remains the most impressive postseason victory in Fresno State history. Because beating No. 18 Virginia 37-34 in overtime carried a lot more tangible weight than a 1992 Freedom Bowl victory over a USC team that went 6-5-1. Blue hairs, argue away.

3. USC special-teams coach John Baxter was auditioning for a job Saturday -- and don't think all those trick plays and block schemes were meant to impress incoming Trojans coach Steve Sarkisian. Fresno State has been woeful on special teams since Baxter left in 2010. His salary would have to get a serious haircut, but the Bulldogs could do worse than bringing him back.

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