Artist You Should Know: The Remedy

The Fresno BeeDecember 18, 2013 

Artist You Should Know: The Remedy


Ten years seems like a blip in the life span of many bands.

Black Sabbath has been playing for four times that long and they just got nominated for three more Grammys.

For local bands, being around 10 years is an achievement.

"It seems bands come and go so quickly now," says Mat Bolden, who sings and plays rhythm guitar for The Remedy, which has been playing since 2003.

And the current lineup — Bolden, along with Eric Wilson on rap vocals and rhythm guitar; Jason Awbrey on drums; Stephen Tasy on lead guitar and Blake Winter on bass — isn't looking to quit anytime soon.

"We joke that we'll still be playing in this damn band when we're at the old folks home," Bolden says.

Here's more of Bolden's take on the band and its longevity.

Aside from lineup changes and the like, how has the band changed since the early days?

Our style has changed quite a bit. We had a more pop-punk sound when we were starting out, and I guess you could say we got heavier and heavier throughout the years. Also, the lyrics and a lot of the melodies we used to write just sound plain cheesy if you listen to them now. At the time, we thought we were brilliant … but reflection is really how you grow as a musician and songwriter, I think. We were kids and we had a lot to learn. We're still learning. Hopefully we won't look back on these songs 10 years from now and think a similar thing.

What is the secret in keeping a band around for 10 years?

Don't do it for the money because there ain't none. Play rock shows because they are fun, not because you have delusions of grandeur. Be friends first and bandmates second. Check your ego at the door. Be open to new and different ideas and musical styles. Don't take life too seriously. Drink lots of beer.

I'm gonna throw out some terms I'd associate with the band. Melodic metal, hip-hop, hardcore, post-punk. Do any of these (or all of them) accurately describe the band?

Yes, probably all of those terms, plus (I hope this doesn't sound pretentious) anthematic. We like to mix it up a bit but still stay within the realms of "heavy rock." Who likes listening to the same song over and over?

Tell us about the new EP.

We recorded our new EP with Robbie Olsen of Rolsen recordings earlier this year. It was an awesome experience — the most professional but time-consuming recording we had ever done. It features three songs that we are all pretty proud of.

Where can people track down a copy?

You can download our album from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play, music stream it on Spotify, or get a download card/sticker from one of us personally at a show. Or wherever, really. Send us a message.

Find out more about The Remedy at

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