Last minute holiday gift idea: DIY wine bottle art

The Fresno BeeDecember 16, 2013 

Do It Yourself, bottle with glass beads.

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We have officially entered the "last minute effort" zone for DIY holiday gifts.

By now, the procrastinator in me realizes that plans of beautifully knitted sweaters, carefully crafted quilts and long-planned stained glass treasures are all glorious and perfect gifts for someone else to make and give in another season. In this season as of right now, I'm down to staring at my glue gun and my recycling bin.

Down to giving trash? NEVER. Do not be fooled, crafting simpleton. With the right mindset and hoarding skills, anyone can still create something beautiful and artistic this gift-giving season.

Today's project: Wine bottle art.

What you'll need

1 empty and pre-cleaned wine bottle

1 bag of decorative vase filler

glue gun

Step 1

Take the pre-cleaned wine bottle (and presumably your last glass of wine) to a clean workspace and plug in the dreaded glue gun. Come up with an artistic plan. Think hard.

Step 2

Begin gluing the vase filler to the bottle according to your plan.

Laugh when you realize you may have completely messed up. DO NOT attempt to remove the glued filler, because it's tough to remove once it has adhered and glue stays on the bottle. Just leave it. Sigh.

Rethink your design. Accept the pattern you have created. Soldier on. It's actually quite fun.


Your art is complete, and with a little raffia tie, it looks charming. Trust me.

In fact, I'm entirely positive that YOUR wine bottle art will look eons better than mine — and mine actually made a lovely gift.

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