David White's Three-Point Stance: Carroll, in this sense, helps 49ers

Special to The BeeDecember 14, 2013 

Seattle coach Pete Carroll and San Francisco's Jim Harbaugh have a personal rivalry that dates back to their days at USC and Stanford.


1. Fresno State won't win the Vegas Bowl because of talent, though it helps. These Bulldogs will win for the same reason the 1992 Bulldogs beat USC in the Freedom Bowl — they want to be here, and the Trojans don't. USC is wired to play BCS bowls in January, not pre-Christmas games reserved for the Pac 12's fifth-place team. You try getting the Trojans motivated to face a mid-major school, playing under their third coach in three months — with No. 4 in the queue.

2. So what if the eyes of Texas are upon Jim Harbaugh? The 49ers coach won't accept any college jobs and its riches just now, because Pete Carroll is in Seattle, that's why. Harbaugh won't let Carroll outlast him in the NFL, because in Harbaugh's world, that means Carroll wins. Harbaugh would rather make less money in San Francisco and chase a Super Bowl ring than make more money winning college titles if it means Carroll is the one lifting Lombardis. Because that's his deal.

3. Matt McGloin. Terrelle Pryor. Start Daryle Lamonica today against the Chiefs, for all it matters. The Oakland Raiders are drafting a quarterback in 2014. Because, when you have two, it means you don't have one. I'm not saying the Raiders take Fresno State's Derek Carr in the first round — but I do know General Manager Reggie McKenzie covets players with Christian character, and his scouts have been asking a lot of Carr character questions around here lately.

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