Fresno Handmade Holiday Bazaar offers unique shopping experience

The Fresno BeeDecember 13, 2013 

The Fresno Handmade Holiday Bazaar is a spot check of the city's craft and handmade scene.

The annual event, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. today (Saturday, Dec. 14) at Fulton 55, is curated by the Soulflower Group — a mix of DJs, designers and event planners who believe creativity is essential in making a better community.

The indoor marketplace features close to 30 crafters and artists selling everything from steampunk jewelry to handmade candles and designer nail polish.

The idea has proven successful. The first bazaar drew more than 800 people on a Saturday morning and was one of the largest events — of any type— at Fulton 55.

The Bee caught up with Ms. Soulflower herself, Devoya Mayo, to find out more about this year's event.

Explain the handmade bazaar in three lines or less.

The Soulflower Group curates a DIY extravaganza by hosting 28 local crafty folks at Fulton 55 for an afternoon of crafts, music, food, prizes and cocktails.

When was the first bazaar? Did you have any idea at the time that this kind of event would be such a success?

We held the first Bazaar in February of 2012. The second one followed that December (thus the reason we stuck the word holiday in there). It was only supposed to be a once-a-year deal. I knew people needed an additional craft option in the grand scheme of things here in the Valley, but no. I had no idea more than 800 people would roll through the doors. I mean, c'mon.

What's new/different this time around?

Less help this year equals a sized-down, but hopefully more efficient Bazaar. In the past we've had a committee. This time around it was mostly a sponsorship coordinator (Nate Gilbert), a graphic designer (Bradley Fitzhenry) and myself behind the curtain. But we do what we can.

We see all the craziness that comes with Black Friday, but I feel events like these prove that people are looking for different ways to be consumers. Is the handmade trend kick-off to a revolution?

I certainly feel that way, but that may have everything to do with me not enjoying Black Friday-type atmospheres. I tend to get the hives or something close to it at the mere thought of dealing with angry people fighting over the last $10 shirt at Target. I'd much rather go somewhere and leisurely look for one of a kind pieces with a pint in my hand and some good music following close behind. Wait … I don't think I answered your question correctly.

Is there anything else, anything readers need to know going in?

Just that we'll have Mattie's Pizza out front as well as Big Poppa's Catering (fish po' boys and chips), so folks don't need to leave when they get hungry. Also, our sponsors are awesome: iLovetocreate, Bakagirl, Sawyers Vintage Service and Portebello Road. Oh, and we'll have raffle prizes all afternoon.

You can find out more about the event on Facebook, or at


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