Fresno County Supervisor Andreas Borgeas says he'll give back his raise

Posted by John Ellis on December 4, 2013 

Andreas Borgeas

Fresno County supervisors are in line to get a 1.4% raise, thanks to a county policy that ties their pay to Superior Court judges. If the judges get raises, so do the supervisors.

That just happened for the judges, according to a memo sent out last week from the Judicial Council of California and the California Judges Association.

Now, Supervisor Andreas Borgeas says he won’t take the extra cash. Instead, he plans to contribute it to the county.

Borgeas called the raise “disturbing” in a statement on his decision.

“In our economic condition, I believe it is inappropriate to accept a salary increase when we have yet to establish and implement equitable and competitive salary adjustments for our Fresno County workforce,” he said.

He noted that during his Fresno City Council tenure he “voluntarily donated portions of my salary” to the city.

“Even as our economy shows signs of improvement, I think political leaders should still avoid salary increases unless and until a respective workforce first receives appropriate salary adjustments,” he wrote.

Other than Supervisor Judy Case, who voluntarily continued a 7% pay cut and makes $99,463, supervisors make $107,273 annually. As board chairman, Henry R. Perea makes $120,682. But next year, Borgeas will take over as chairman and earn the higher salary.

The raise would give Borgeas an additional $1,689 next year. That is the money he will donate to the county. The raise will add a little more than $1,500 annually to the standard pay of the other supervisors other than Case, whose raise will be based on her lower salary.

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