David White's Three-Point Stance: What are Allen's chances with this Davis in charge in Oakland?

Special to The BeeNovember 30, 2013 

Oakland coach Dennis Allen has to be looking over his shoulder while working for an NFL franchise that has shown it's not afraid of making a change at the top.


-- 1. Like father, like son? None of Al Davis' last six coaching hires lasted more than two seasons. Time to see whether his son Mark is any more patient as the Raiders' Pink-Slipper-in-Chief. Oakland coach Dennis Allen is 8-20 as Mark Davis' first coaching hire (4-8 this year). Allen better win two games in December, or hope Davis didn't inherit his late father's itchy trigger finger. Because, if Allen is counting on General Manager Reggie McKenzie saving him, McKenzie has his own W-2 form to save.

-- 2. When I was done hating college football for letting freeze-framed replay put one-millisecond back on the Alabama-Auburn clock -- in a game where no other out-of-bounds moment is ever reviewed, so where is the equity in that? -- Chris Davis returned Alabama's missed field goal 109 yards to slay the two-time defending national champions 34-28. Take that, overused replay.

-- 3. Because this is the SEC's world, and they're just letting the rest of us college football fans live in it, you know Auburn d. Alabama means: a one-loss Auburn team will end up in the BCS championship game ahead of undefeated Ohio State or Florida State. Because, of course they will. You thought the BCS system as we know it was going to simply go away without one last controversy for the road?

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