David White's Three-Point Stance: What would 2013 Bulldogs be like with Pat Hill?

Special to The BeeNovember 23, 2013 

Pat Hill and Fresno State parted ways in December 2012, but players the former 15-year Bulldogs coach recruiting have blossomed this season into a potential BCS bowl team.


** 1. Ever wonder what this Fresno State offense would be doing if Pat Hill's fu manchu was still behind the headset? New Mexico coach Bob Davie doesn't know for sure but he's got a feeling it must be hard for Hill to see someone else win with his players: "That quarterback, those receivers ... Pat Hill is cringing out there somewhere across the country." Atlanta, to be specific, though we hear Hill is happy for his former mates.

** 2. New rule: When a team like the 49ers lose two straight and rank last in NFL passing through 10 games -- and suddenly look great this Monday night at hapless Washington -- no one can say "Wow, problem solved! They're back!" One great game does not a season-long trend buck. When the No. 2 receiver on the roster has 38 yards, your woes run deeper than Michael Crabtree's injured heel.

** 3. One draft pundit has Derek Carr as potentially the second best quarterback in the next NFL Draft. Let's hope he is wrong. Sure, big brother David Carr broke the bank as the No. 1 overall pick in 2002. But he went to a horrific expansion team that gave him no real chance to succeed. Today's rookie salary cap means no first-round picks will break the bank. Better to go to a better team later in the first round, and get plugged into a team that's a quarterback away from making the playoffs.

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