Tim Donnelly brings California gubernatorial campaign to Fresno

The Fresno BeeNovember 6, 2013 

California gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly made a sweep through Fresno Wednesday, saying he is on a mission to restore California to its Golden State status.

"California was the land of sun and fun and Ronald Reagan," Donnelly said to a crowd of about 30 supporters. "Now it's the land of doom and gloom and Jerry Brown."

Donnelly, a Southern California Republican state Assembly member, said California is saddled with high unemployment, excessive taxes and has created an unfriendly environment for business.

"Government has become the biggest threat to opportunity," he said. "But this is something we can fix."

Donnelly announced his candidacy Tuesday and has embarked on a statewide tour with stops in Los Angeles, the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento.

He spoke to his supporters at the corner of Palm and Shaw avenues.

Known for his conservative views, Donnelly in 2005 founded the California chapter of the Minuteman, a sort of civilian border patrol that was created to draw attention to problems of illegal immigration.

Donnelly said he has been in the Valley more than a dozen times over the past year, talking with voters about water issues, agriculture and rampant unemployment.

Donnelly is the first candidate to officially announce he is challenging Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown in next year's statewide election. The governor has yet to announce his expected bid for re-election.

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