David White's three-point stance: For fans, Tark's always worth it

Special to The BeeOctober 20, 2013 

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Former Fresno State basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian was honored during the game at left is President Joseph Castro and Athletic Director Thomas Boeh. Tark was honored for his entry into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.


1. I once offered this scenario to Tom, my brother-in-law: Before Fresno State hired Jerry Tarkanian, if you knew Tark would take your Bulldogs to the NCAA Tournament, post winning seasons regularly, land big-name players and get a new arena — only to forfeit games and go on probation for NCAA violations, would you take that deal? "Every time," he said without stuttering. From the look of the standing ovation Tark got at Saturday's Fresno State-UNLV football game, it seems just about everyone not named John Welty would agree.

2. Former Fresno State quarterback David Carr hasn't heard back from the Raiders since his tryout two weeks ago, but it's not because Oakland doesn't need a veteran backup presence. It's just that the Raiders are so depleted by injuries on the offensive line, they're using all their spare roster spots on big uglies to fill space until they get three starters back — if they get them back at all. The hodgepodged Raiders gave up 10 sacks at Kansas City last time out. A bleacher seat in Bulldog Stadium may end up being Carr's safest place to be for now.

3. Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr was inundated with well wishes, autograph requests and photo shots during a lunch interview in August. Imagine the surprised look on their collective faces one day when they turn the TV on Sundays and see the teammate Carr was eating lunch with — sophomore wide receiver Davante Adams — lighting it up in the NFL. He is a speedier, more physical version of Bernard Berrian.

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