David White's three-point stance: Carr included in Raiders QB upheaval

Special to The BeeOctober 11, 2013 

1. An NFL source tells me David Carr is headed to Oakland for a workout Monday, which makes sense with the Raiders' quarterback depth chart in full upheaval. Matt Flynn is over and out as the new No. 3. Starter Terrell Pryor is a sitting target behind a battered offensive line, and is no safer when scrambling for dead life. Oakland needs a capable backup. If Carr impresses Monday, I can see the Raiders throwing Flynn into their Dead Sea of Salary Cap money and getting on with it already.

2. Carr visited the Raiders as a free agent in 2007, when Lane Kiffin was a rookie head coach. "The Chronicle learned" then that Kiffin all but warned his fellow Fresno State alum to stay far, far away from the pending disaster zone — and that was a year before Al Davis went public with his overhead-monitored feud with the one he called "Lance."

3. Speaking of Kiffin, the fired USC coach creates a lot of headaches wherever he goes, but the guy can call a scheme, and is a brilliant recruiter. He'd make a solid NFL offensive coordinator, but probably couldn't handle being No. 2 in anyone's hierarchy chart. Kiffin's days of Falling Up into better jobs are over for now, but don't be surprised if a struggling college power hires him. Eyes of Texas, anyone?

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