Jello Biafra sets Nov. 1 concert at Strummer's in Fresno

The Fresno BeeSeptember 28, 2013 

First it was Keith Morris and the Flag boys. Now it's Jello Biafra. Be still my 16-year-old, punk-rock heart.

Strummer's announced a Nov. 1 date for Biafra's new project, Jello Biafra and the Guantánamo School of Medicine. Tickets are $14 and on sale now.

Biafra was the outspoken frontman for the seminal San Francisco punk-rock band Dead Kennedys. After the group disbanded in 1986, Biafra continued to make music, collaborating with the likes of Al Jourgensen (of Ministry), D.O.A., Nomeansno and the Melvins.

He's also a spoken-word artist and political activist.Check out videos from the band and an old-school Dead Kennedys song at The Bee's entertainment blog,


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