Artist You Should Know: Days Under Authority

The Fresno BeeSeptember 25, 2013 

Artist You Should Know: Days Under Authority


Days Under Authority takes its name from that general sense of angst that comes with being a teenager. The band's members are all in high school and as such see themselves as under authority — of teachers and parents and, well, just about everyone. The band headlines a show Friday night at Kuppajoe, with Josiah James, Mercy Fist, The Effect and Anchor City.

The Bee caught up with the band in advance of the show.

Let's start with the basics. Who plays what in the band? How long have you been playing?

The five guys that play in the band are Anthony Yanez (lead guitar); Zach Corsi (vocals); Brenden Bonsell (drums); John Halajian (bass) and Zack Southers (rhythm guitar). We've been playing together for about 2 1/2 years.

How did the band come together?

That's actually an interesting story. Anthony had played in a band called Keeney, but he wanted to form his own group. He met Brenden at one of his gigs at the Starline in Tower District and the two of them decided to form a band. Anthony later met Zach Corsi in junior high. John came on thanks to the power of Facebook and Zack (Southers) is the newest addition to the band.

High school is the time when people tend to get REALLY into music. Who are the bands you guys love, listen to and are inspired by?

We all love music and could not live without it. Our inspirations are Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback and Switchfoot.

Fresno (most cities actually) is limited in terms of all-age venues. Has it been difficult to get gigs? What types of shows (and where) do you play most often?

At first it was ridiculously hard to get gigs. We knew of some all-age places, but no venue had ever gotten back to us about playing. A new venue, the Victory Café, popped up and we were able to contact their booking manager and play a show. Since then, venues and booking agents have contacted us to play and shows are coming fast. We usually play shows with alternative rock bands or rock 'n' roll bands.

Obviously, you are a rock band. Is there a specific style or genre you are going after?

We are trying to make our own sound. No one has been able to tell us exactly what our sound is, and we can't tell either. We go for whatever we love to play.

Is there a local band or musician you think other people should know about?

Mercy Fist was a big inspiration for us. They came to Zach and Anthony's school, and they introduced us to the venue where we played our first show. We love their sound and love to jam with them whenever we can. Shout out to Mercy Fist. Thanks goes to them.

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