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The Fresno BeeSeptember 20, 2013 

MVP Media owner Matt Martin moved back to the Valley in 2011 and started his own video production company.

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Matt Martin's video and photo assignments take him to destinations across California, but he is hoping to grow his business — MVP Media — where he grew up, in the Valley.

Question: What's the nature of your business?


We create innovative commercials, music videos and Web videos for our clients.

What's the history of MVP Media? How did it get started?


I grew up in Clovis but had been living in the Bay Area after college. I moved back to the Valley in 2011 to be closer to my parents after my father had some medical problems. There weren't many job openings in video and film at that time, so I fulfilled a dream of starting a video production company.

What are your biggest challenges?


The challenge I enjoy the most is coming up with creative ways to tell our clients' stories in a way that engages the audience and communicates the essence of the story.

What are your biggest rewards?


It's a fantastic feeling when a client is extremely happy with our work. I also love watching an audience's reaction as they enjoy watching a video we created. Some of the most rewarding experiences I've had involve filming volunteers in a prison for the Prison Fellowship and filming a football camp hosted by former NFL players at Stanford. Recently I created a video for a nonprofit home for children with disabilities called Green Pastures. Spending time with the kids on the shoot and seeing the smiles on their faces was extremely rewarding.

What is a lesson you've learned?


The more time you put into coming up with a great idea and doing the hard work of pre-production, the better the result will be.

What's your fondest memory from your time with your business?


The time that I hit some drywall with a sledgehammer and composited the flying debris into another shot to make it look like a guy punched through a wall. That was an awful lot of fun.

What's the most unique thing you have done since you started MVP?


Going into that maximum security prison to shoot a video. At first, I was wearing jeans, but one of the correctional officers strongly recommended that I change into slacks. As he put it, "The prisoners are wearing jeans — if you wear jeans and a riot breaks out, the guards won't know who to shoot!"


MVP Media

Owner: Matt Martin

Founded: 2011

Location: 6285 N. Lodi Ave. Fresno

Phone: (559) 892-0291

Employees: sole proprietor

Annual sales: $70,000


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