'Unforgettable' gets a second season on CBS

The Fresno BeeJuly 26, 2013 

Carrie Wells, played by Poppy Montgomery, is a detective with a photographic memory in the CBS drama "Unforgettable."


It looked like fans of the CBS procedural drama "Unforgettable" were going to have to forget the show. The series, starring Australian actress Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells, a detective with a photographic memory, was not scheduled to return after its freshman season.

Someone at CBS must have remembered the series was attracting respectable numbers when the first season ended. In an unusual twist, the series is back on the network lineup Sunday, just months after what looked like the series finale had aired. Thirteen episodes have been ordered for this second season.

"I heard rumors the show might come back and then I heard it was canceled," Montgomery says.

"I have been doing TV series for a long time and have gotten very philosophical when it comes to what comes back and what gets canceled.

"In this case, I just decided that us getting a second season was not meant to be."

Production resumed this summer. Montgomery returned to work just three weeks after the birth of her daughter in April.

There will be some changes. Montgomery will work again with Dylan Walsh, who plays both a former love interest and her current partner.

But they will be in a new environment, having moved from Queens to Manhattan.

And instead of just homicides, they will deal with bank heists, car chases, undercover work, kidnappings and other major crimes. Jane Curtin also returns from the original cast.

"This change has really opened up the scope of the show. Plus, it looks a lot different because everything in the new offices is very highfalutin because of all of the technology available," Montgomery says.

Montgomery did wonder how the show could stop without revealing the mystery that was a backdrop for every case in the first year — the death of Carrie's sister. Despite being able to remember every detail from any given day, Carrie has only spotty memory of that tragic day.

It looked like the mystery had been solved, but Carrie learned in season one the man she thought was the killer was actually the person who saved her.

Now, she is on the hunt for a mysterious RV that she remembers seeing that day and has been spotted at the location of other murders.

"There was so much unresolved that the viewers needed to know, that I needed to know," Montgomery says.


"Unforgettable": 9 p.m. Sundays on KGPE (Channel 47.1)


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