Sarah Carter, from 'Falling Skies' to murder mystery

The Fresno BeeJuly 19, 2013 

Sarah Carter stars as criminal psychologist Dr. Kate Kovic in "The Toyman Killer," airing at 10 p.m. today on Lifetime.


In high school, Canadian actress Sarah Carter was a member of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and one of the top three public speakers in the world. It's no wonder she gets equally excited about her series, "Falling Skies," as she does about her made-for-cable movie, "The Toyman Killer," on Lifetime.

Asked about those early accomplishments, Carter laughs and says, "I was much smarter in high school."

She seems pretty smart these days, too. She's gained a massive fan following with her role as Maggie on "Falling Skies." The actress and the rest of the cast of the TNT series about the human resistance to an alien invasion are in San Diego this week for another appearance at Comic-Con.

Carter already had been a fan-boy favorite because of her appearances on "Smallville," but she says nothing compares to seeing the legions of supporters waiting hours in line at the annual convention just to see the cast.

"Falling Skies" has given her a huge fan base, but its filming schedule also allows her to do other projects like "The Toyman Killer." This is Carter's fourth movie for Lifetime. She knew as soon as she read the script, this is not a typical Lifetime movie.

She plays Dr. Kate Kovic, a well-known and respected criminal psychologist who specializes as an expert witness on high-profile murder cases. When she's asked to evaluate the sanity of a young woman awaiting execution for killing a police officer, Kovic must determine whether the death-row inmate is faking her multiple personalities. At the same time, Kovic is dealing with a host of her own emotional and social problems.

The story takes so many twists and turns, even the actress was surprised by the ending the first time she read the script.

Getting to play a rich character in such an interesting story was why Carter was willing to be part of the film, which was shot in a scant 15 days. That's only slightly longer than she works on one episode of "Falling Skies."

Carter also liked that the cable movie didn't require her to "run around with a gun in my hand."

She's not complaining about the action elements of "Falling Skies," she just appreciates the change.

The actress has been doing a lot between the cable series and movies. She's still found time to pursue another passion in music. Her band, SanguinDrake, looks to have an album featuring its folk rock sound out in December and then head out on tour.


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