Political notebook: Measure G vote has been certified

Fresno Bee staffJune 14, 2013 

The outcome was already known, but now it is official.

Fresno's Measure G has been defeated.

The Fresno County Elections Office on Friday released the final tally for the election, which asked city voters to approve outsourcing of residential trash pickup.

In the end, 50.73% of voters said "no" to the proposal, and 49.27% said "yes." The final raw numbers were 29,901 "no" votes and 29,039 "yes" votes, making the final margin of victory for the No on G side 862 votes.

With Friday's count update, Clerk Brandi Orth said the county is finished and the election is certified. The outcome, however, was known on Wednesday, the last time the count was updated.

When the elections office updated those numbers, the No side had jumped to an 801-vote lead. At that time, only around 600 late absentee ballots remained to be counted from the June 4 special election.

In other words, the No lead was insurmountable.

Only 27.1% of registered voters cast ballots.

— John Ellis

Costa coy about his Measure G ballot

As a Fresno resident, Rep. Jim Costa cast a Measure G ballot.

But Costa — a Democrat who represents around half of the city in Congress — refuses to say how he voted, or whether he supports or opposes the proposal to outsource Fresno's residential trash pickup.

Costa does say he was approached by pro- and anti-Measure G sides, who sought his backing. But he says he doesn't want to get immersed in city politics, especially a battle as pitched as Measure G.

He added that when he first looked at Measure G, he felt it had merit, but the more he studied, he came to the conclusion that it was a local matter and he is an elected official at the federal level.

Costa's unwillingness to publicly declare a position on Measure G is directly opposite of the congressman who represents the other half of the city — Tulare Republican Devin Nunes.

Nunes not only supported Measure G, he also cut a radio ad for KMJ (AM 580) urging voters to approve the city initiative.

— John Ellis


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