Comacova to play first Fresno show at Audie's

June 12, 2013 


The band Comacova, plays its first Fresno show Saturday, June 15, 2013, at Audie's Olympic.


Comacova's song "Paragon" is a spot-on piece of '90s radio rock, which makes sense, since its members are the remnants of Six Ounce Gloves, Mynis and Say Swear — all of which were popular local alternative rock bands.

Comacova plays at 8 p.m. Saturday at Audie's Olympic Tavern, with Beta State and Possessed Tranquility. Tickets are $7 at the door. This will be the band's first Fresno show. The Bee caught up with them to get the scoop on the new project.

Let's start with the basics. Who plays what in the band?

Mike Bass, bass guitar; Matty5K, drums; Jayson Brooks, vocals; and James Reynolds, guitar.

You all came from pretty well-established local bands. Has that helped in terms of establishing an audience?

We believe that Comacova will establish an audience by thinking creatively, challenging ourselves and, most of all, having fun doing so. All of our previous endeavors shouldn't define this project. Comacova should stand on its own.

How much of those influences carried over?

We'd be lying if we didn't see some of those influences come into the new songs. Those bands were who we were. I don't think we'd go very far if we all got together and tried to do a country album or techno.

I hear some classic rock influences, especially in some of the vocal arrangements. Am I crazy?

Not by any means. We all agreed, when we started this band, that personal influences would be strongly welcomed amongst the writing process. So, what you hear is the result of four friends finding that middle ground and molding it into something very familiar. Something we all can enjoy and hopefully others will as well.

How would you describe the band?

Blend four elements of late '90's alternative rock with four parts of eager individuals willing to give it their all in every live show. And finally, garnish with thoughtful lyrics. Zero carbs.

You call fans Comacovians. Is there significance to the band's name? Other than the fact it looks awesome in the Coca-Cola font on T-shirts?

The name comes from the word "coma," representing a prolonged state of unconsciousness, and "cova," Latin for the hatching or transpiring of a thought. We combined both meanings, giving us what we would consider a dream. "To hatch or transpire a thought, while under a prolonged state of unconsciousness." So, to be Comacovian is to be a dreamer.

Saturday night is the band's first Fresno show. Is it exciting to present this to the scene? Nerve-wracking?

Extremely nerve-wracking! We've been getting ready for this moment since November, and it's finally here. We just hope the crowd loves the music as much as we do. We really are happy with what we've produced so far.

Anything else you'd like to add?

We'll be filming our set for a video that will be coming out real soon. So if you're coming to the show, wear your finest!

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