Retail Therapy: Lola offers low-cost, trendy clothes

FresnoJune 6, 2013 

Women's clothing store Lola opened May 31 in River Park. PHOTOS BY BETHANY CLOUGH/THE FRESNO BEE

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Lola, a low-priced version of the Ooh La La boutique, has opened in River Park.

The shop has the same young, colorful, trendy clothing that the three Ooh La La stores around town carry, but nothing in Lola costs more than $30.

The store carries cut-off shorts dyed a bright pink and white for $24.98, gray and white maxi dresses for $29.98 and $4.98 camisoles.

"A lot of it looks just like Ooh La La," says co-owner Norma Haynes. "We were just able to buy that at a cheaper price point."

She describes the store's clothes as an "everyday value." River Park owners don't like to use the word "discount," she notes. And even though the name Lola has the word "low" in it, they didn't plan that, she says.

"We just thought it was cute, Ooh La La's younger sister," she says.

The tags carry the slogan "love once, love always," which is abbreviated Lola.

Haynes thought the store would attract its typical Ooh La La clientele — such as the young women who hang around River Park — but the store has been attracting women of all ages.

Lola opened May 31 in the former Ooh La La space in front of Macy's. Ooh La La has moved to a new space that is twice as big in River Park, next to Ann Taylor LOFT.


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