Clovis Unified meets parents of teacher accused of child molestation

The Fresno BeeJanuary 29, 2012 

Clovis Unified officials met Sunday with the parents of students in the second-grade class whose teacher was arrested Friday on suspicion of multiple counts of child molestation.

Parents at Freedom Elementary School were informed of the district's actions in the case, introduced to a new teacher who will take over the class today, and were given a chance to talk with counselors about how to discuss the case with their children, said Kelly Avants, Clovis Unified School District spokeswoman.

Avants said the district will hold a meeting at 5:30 p.m. today for all parents at Freedom Elementary to discuss the arrest Friday of teacher Neng Yang.

Yang, 43, of Clovis, is accused of 18 counts of child molestation, one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child, nine counts of having a minor perform prohibited acts and nine counts of possessing material depicting a minor engaging in or simulating sexual conduct, police said.

Clovis police began investigating Yang when they received information about possible inappropriate behavior by a teacher at Freedom with a student.

Investigators have identified one victim but are asking other possible victims to call police at (559) 324-2471.

As of Sunday, no other victims had come forward, police said.

Yang has been a teacher at Freedom since 2007, Avants said.

Yang's wife, Kia, is principal at Miramonte Elementary School. District officials met with staff at Miramonte on Sunday to discuss the incident and prepare for any questions parents and students might have, Avants said.

Parents at Sunday's meeting at Freedom Elementary wanted to know how to talk to their children about what happened, Avants said.

The district had two psychologists at the meeting to answer parents' questions, she said.

The district is looking at its procedures to see if any improvements can be made, Avants said.

Staff writer BoNhia Lee contributed to this report. The reporter can be reached at or (559)441-6330.

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