Schneider Electric cuts 50 Pelco jobs

Second workforce reduction this year at the plant in Clovis.

September 28, 2011 

Schneider Electric reduced its work force by another 50 jobs on Wednesday as a result of the weak economy and escalating material costs.

The layoffs were scattered throughout the Clovis manufacturing plant and were not concentrated in one particular department, said Heather Calandra, marketing communications specialist.

The company, which produces Pelco-brand video surveillance and security equipment, tried to avoid layoffs by instituting freezes on travel and hiring and eliminating discretionary spending, but those actions were not enough, the statement said.

Clovis-based Pelco was purchased by Schneider Electric, a French company, in 2007. At that time, Pelco employed about 2,200 people in Clovis. The company now employs about 1,500 people.

This is the second round of layoffs for the company this year. In April, Schneider eliminated 30 jobs. Last year, the company cut more than 150 jobs.

The layoffs add to the economic woes in Fresno County, where the unemployment rate remains high at 15.8%. About 69,300 people were reported to be out of work in Fresno County in August, according to the Employment Development Department.

That's more than double the 31,000 jobless in August 2007, just before the recession began.

The Fresno County Workforce Investment Board was notified of the layoffs and is prepared to help the affected workers, said Tamico Thomas, senior outplacement specialist.

Employment and resource specialists have offered to meet with workers to advise them about job searching, unemployment benefits, health care and debt management.

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