Storms boost Valley's rain totals

February 6, 2010 

The storms that swept across the Valley starting Friday and were expected to linger into this morning left most cities in the area with less than an inch of rain.

As of Saturday night, the National Weather Service reported the following two-day totals: Fresno, 0.44 of an inch; Madera, 0.76; Merced, 0.73; Hanford, 0.34; Visalia, 0.25; and Porterville, 0.57.

This latest storm brings Fresno's total seasonal rainfall to 6.38 inches, which is 0.41 of an inch above normal. But since the beginning of the year, Fresno has received slightly less than the normal -- 2.60 inches, which is 0.23 of an inch less than average, National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Dudley said.

This weekend's storm is expected to slowly move out throughout today, leading to a dry Monday, Dudley said.

The Valley's next storm is expected to hit Tuesday, when Fresno will face a 50% chance of rain, Dudley said. There is an additional chance of a storm coming in Thursday night and continuing through Friday.

High temperatures this week are expected to be in the mid to high 50s. Today's high of 54 is predicted to be the low point for the week, with high temperatures steadily increasing through Friday.

Lows are forecast in the mid to low 40s, the coldest of which is expected to be 40 degrees Wednesday.

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