Huntington Lake

October 10, 2006 

Huntington Lake offers many opportunities for all types of water sports and is particularly well known for sailing.


Location: Sixty-five miles northeast of Fresno at end of Highway 168 in Sierra National Forest

Storage: Lake is approximately 5 miles long by 1/2 mile wide with a total capacity of 89,800 acre feet; three dams were completed in 1913

Setting: Surrounded by pine forests and granite peaks; elevation 7,000 feet

Activities: Camping, boating, fishing, picknicking, hiking, equestrian, snowmobiling

Facilities: Six private resorts, three marinas; two public boat ramps; seven campgrounds, three picnic areas; ski resort; pack station

Fishing: Rainbow and brown trout, kokanee salmon

Trails: Indian Pools, 2 miles round trip; Rancheria Falls, 2 miles; Nellie Lake, 10 miles; Kaiser Peak Loop, 15 miles

History: A B-24 bomber, on a World War II training mission, crashed into Huntington Lake on Dec. 6, 1943, killing six crew members. The plane was not found until 1955; some of the wreckage remains at the bottom

Fun fact: Huntington Lake is rated as one of the top sailing lakes in the U.S. for its strong, constant winds

Campground reservations: Reserve USA, 1-877-444-6777.

Sierra National Forest contact info (all 559 area code): 855-5355; 893-6611 (summer only);

Key phone numbers: Lakeshore Resort, 893-3193; Rancheria Enterprises, 893-3234; Cedar Crest Resort, 893-3233; Huntington Lake Resort, 893-6750; D&F Pack Station, 893-3220; Sierra Summit, 233-2500

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